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Jingyue Mould is an international professional extrusion die manufacturer. We specialized in these main products: thickness adjustable rack plate die head, PVC free foaming board die head, PET sheet die head, tools and head laminating, stretch film die, hollow grid plate die, spinneret plate die, waterproof roll die, stretch film die head, manual and automatic hydraulic net changer, single-layer, multi-layer co-extrusion distributor...

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We do hope to be your friends forever.

We advocate "people oriented enterprise consolidatedr"corporate culture. As a company we dedicated to create a good environment for each employee.
It is our sincere wish that each member can cast their talents here, and achieve synchronous development with our company.
We etablish a firm concept of quality uphold professionalism, focus on core advantages consistently pursue excellence.Constantly improving our product and corporation value with good quality and service is our eternal pursuit.” "dripping the smallest favor" is the moral code we always committed. Success can only be achieved with the support of every customer.
”Beginning with customer demand, ending up with customer satisfaction'”is our core activity andpermanent promise......

About Jingyue Mould

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About us Our team Manufacturing R & D

Jingyue headquarter locates in Huangyan,the city of molds.
Set up "Local Station" in Shandong,Shanghai,Jiangsu,Zhejiang,Guangzhou and other areas.
Provide the customers with the most convenient local service and proceed the installation & maintenance at the top speed ...


Striving for excellent quality, Jingyue's goal is not only to provide incorporate with first class products, but also committed to inherent the value of technology innovation into the products, constantly improving with innovation and good quality, thus to create a better life with the community and build unlimited space for enterprise development ...


To ensure the quality of the mould, we produce domestic representative updated mould, taking the lead to achieve the digital computerized mould design, processing and installation of streamline. Full-time professionals take charge of mould making ...


The researching and developing center of Jingyue Mould which applies the actual experience to improve the application of the advanced technology. It analyze the product during the designing,and acquyire the design of the exact flowing ...



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Jingyue do hope to be your friends forever.


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